Globally active
Benefit from our expertise and service on-site.
Globally active
Support for every situation
Experience, precision, passion
We set the highest quality standards in everything we do
Experience, precision, passion
for the perfect result
Design models, cubings and prototypes
Modelling and design models - we make ideas (tangible)
Design models, cubings and prototypes
Up to 1:1 scale
Expertise spanning more than 120 years
Innovation is a top priority at Siebenwurst
Detailled view
Your partner for tool and mould making.
Tradition and Innovation –
from craftsman to international system supplier
Complex tools and moulds
Realised in next-to-no time

We create quality - through the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

As a leading German model and mould maker, we offer our customers more than just a good mould. We combine tradition with high-tech and offer you intelligent and innovative complete solutions. We have stood for the highest quality in model and mould making for more than a century. This explains our guiding principle: "We are the most able problem solver for our customers - from the design model to series production." Our modern methods and production technologies guarantee the fastest tool production.

Model construction

We support our customers with design models, cubings and prototypes at our high-precision facilities right at the beginning of their design process chain.

Mould production

We manufacture the most complex tools and moulds for our customers.

Tool Doctors

Our Tool Doctors can be called upon at any time and can solve any problem thanks to their expert knowledge.

Try out, sampling, testing

Preparation for series production

Mechanical processing

Perfection all the way to that finishing touch

Small series

We accompany your company from the prototype phase through to series production.

2018 - Siebenwurst again Toolmaker of the year

In 2018, Siebenwurst once again won the competition “Excellence in Production” of the Fraunhofer Institute IPT for Production Technology and RWTH Aachen University in the category “External Tool & Die Making above 50 Employees”.

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Video: Siebenwurst Werkzeugbauer des Jahres 2018

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