Model construction

We support our customers with design models, cubings and prototypes at our high-precision facilities right at the beginning of their design process chain.

With our extensive possibilities in mechanical production and highly motivated specialists in model making, we are quickly able to produce models with the greatest precision including 1:1 complete models. Due to separate design studios, secrecy is of course the basis of the trust that exists between us and our customers.

We make ideas (tangible) with modelling and design models

In times of 3D simulations, the realistic model and the near-series prototype still retain their decision-making authority. In our model making department, specialists with extensive technical knowledge and a feeling for forms and proportions realise your ideas.

With our high-tech capabilities in mechanical production, we are able to quickly and cost-effectively produce models of any kind including 1:1 complete models for the automotive industry.

Our services

  • CAD modelling in ICEM and CATIA
  • Proportional models in scale 1:10 and 1:4 made of foam and clay as well as hard models
  • 1:1 scale design models made of foam, clay and paste
  • Wind tunnel and aero models
  • Attachment parts, rim design, headlights, RP parts
  • Data control models, feasibility models
  • Laminate parts made of GRP and CFRP in wet and vacuum technology
  • Cubing and measuring fixtures including cast models

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